Filing Deadline

February 6th, 2018

Settlement Amount


Eligible Claimants

All persons and entities that, during the Class Period purchased Containerboard Products directly from Defendants in the United States. Excluded from the Class are Defendants, any parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of Defendants, and all governmental entities. For purposes of the Proposed Settlement, the Class Period is between February 15, 2004 and November 8, 2010.

A “direct” purchase means that you bought one or more of the Containerboard Products from one or more of the Defendants. Your direct purchase(s) must have been made during the Class Period.

What are Containerboard Products?

For the purposes of the Containerboard Products Antitrust Class Action Settlement, “Containerboard Products” include linerboard, corrugated medium, corrugated sheets and corrugated products, including boxes and other containers.

Case History

Kleen Products LLC et al. v. Packaging Corporation of America, et al., is a class action lawsuit involving the price of Containerboard Products purchased directly from the Defendants that is pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The lawsuit alleges that Defendants engaged in illegal anti-competitive conduct with respect to the sale of Containerboard Products and that as a result, any person or entity that purchased Containerboard Products directly from any Defendant, during the Class Period paid a higher price than otherwise would have been the case in a competitive market. Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ allegations and the Court has not ruled on the merits of the claims or defenses.

Packaging Corporation of America (“PCA”) has agreed to pay $17,600,000 and to provide certain other consideration to settle the case. PCA denies any liability.


The Defendants are Packaging Corporation of America, International Paper, Cascades Canada, Inc., Norampac Holdings U.S. Inc., Weyerhaeuser Company, Georgia Pacific LLC, Temple-Inland Inc., TIN Inc., and RockTenn CP, LLC, which was formerly known as Smurfit Stone Container Corporation and includes their predecessor companies (including Containerboard Products manufacturers merged with or acquired by them) and each of their subsidiaries or affiliates that sold Containerboard Products in the United States during the Class Period.

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