Claims Purchasing

Receive Instant Capital with our Claims Purchasing Service

MMC’s claims purchasing division provides instant gratification for clients wishing to accelerate and monetize the unknown future recovery of a qualified settlement.

It is an effective mechanism for either claimants in distress or claimants that simply do not want to wait to receive payment. Our service will get your claim paid instantly at a reduced rate, rather than having to deal with the uncertainty of the judicial systems sometimes difficult and time consuming payment process.

We offer an immediate quantified dollar amount for claimants who might otherwise wait years for possible recoveries. This service works especially well for companies that are insolvent or are having difficult financial strains.

MMC offers three options to monetize a claimants settlement:

  1. Full-service class action monitoring and claims filing for a set contingency fee
  2. Complete upfront cash buyout of future recoveries and all associated risk
  3. A combination of both in the form of a partial upfront payment with back-end revenue sharing of future recoveries.

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